Thursday, March 24, 2011

The seed of the righteous shall be delivered!!!!

Proverbs 11vs21 is  a scripture I often quote back to God during those times it seems like the enemy is gaining ground over my children. Some examples I'm sure alot of you parents are are or have experienced rebellious teens ,terrible two's,. Whatever the situation maybe I challenge you to have faith in God and speak His word to Him. Why because He watches over His word to perform it . It shall not return back to him void but it shall prosper in the thing whereto he sent it.

So many times we rehearse the problem .Let's stop telling our God how big the problem is and look into the word and speak the answer.

I confess over my children and grandchild daily the blood of Jesus from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feets. They are the head and not the tail in Jesus name!!!. They are blessed going in and coming out. The angels of the lord encamp around them wherever they go.!!!No weapon formed against them shall prosper.

Father God in Jesus name we come boldly to your throne bringing our children. Your word says suffer not little children to come unto you. Grant us the wisdom,peace and strength we need to parent them from the crib to college. May we walk in love and patient grace towards as you do with us your children . In Jesus Name amen.

Reference Scriptures: Psalm 91,Isaiah 54vs17,Deuteronomy 28vs3,6,10 and13,Revelation 12vs11,

Until next Be Peaceful,Be Blessed!!!!!


  1. Thank you for posting this because we need encouragement from the Lord and must continue to declare His word over their lives even into adulthood.

  2. This is SO good, puts it into perspective!

  3. Kim I am contacting you and I am very sorry that I am just touching base with you; PLEASE FORGIVE ME I am asking you to stay in touch with me.
    I am emailing you so you would know how to contact me. THANK YOU